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Lying 18 miles to the southeast across the Badung Strait, Nusa lembongan is Bali's version of romantic island getaway, with an unspoiled culture and an ambiance exceptionally tranquil and unhurried even by the standards of the neighboring paradise isle.

Nusa Lembongan is one of three neighbouring islands of Bali, approximately 12 miles from south east Bali and 20 miles from Lombok. The other two islands are Nusa Penida being the bigger and Nusa Ceningan being the smaller.

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Low, protected island about 11 km southeast of mainland Bali, measuring only four by three km and ringed with mangrove swamps, and palms and white sandy beaches. Inland the terrain is scrubby and very dry, with volcanic stonewalls and processional avenues crisscrossing the small cactus-covered hills.

Easy and Smart Packages
Easy way to enjoy beautiful Nusa Lembongan Island. Experience Nusa Lembongan extensive mangrove forests in a dugout canoe, then explore the undersea environtment of pristine shollow reefs in this marine tour.

Lembongan Packages :

lembongan day trip, village tour lembonganDay trip Package
Exploring nusa lembongan with our package including boat transfers, Village sightseeing, mangroove exploration, BBQ lunch, snorkeling equipment and life guard...
Boat Transfer: Rocky Fast Cruise
hai tide huts, hai tide huts packageHai Tide Huts Overnight Packages
For the more adventurous, parasailing, surfing, fishing, and a range of island tours are also available. Bali Hai Diving Adventures can provide a world class diving service for guests at the Hai Tide Huts..
Boat Transfer: Bali Hai Cruise
lembongan package, underwater packageLembongan Island Day Package
Traveling to Nusa Lembongan with see the island's exotic marine life and colorful coral from the comfort of semi submersible coral viewer, try snorkeling for a closer look, Glass Bottom Boat or enjoy a host of other activities.
Boat Transfer: Scoot Fast Cruise
lembongan cliff villas, cliff villas packageOvernight Packages
Boat Transfer: Rocky Fast Cruises
Accommodation: Lembongan Cliff Villas is located at the Selambung beach which is now known as Coconut beach, lies between the valley of Jungutbatu village and Lembongan village.
marine walk lembongan, lembongan marine walkMarine Walk Day Package
Located at Nusa Lembongan Island, Bali Marine Walk using an open-ended helmet that allows the wearer to stay underwater by just putting it ober head. The helmet is connected to the scuba thanks by air hose that supplies it with air.
water sports activities in nusa lembonganLembongan Water Sports
Lembongan water sports is located in the Mangrove beach of Nusa Lembongan. We provide water sport activities such as snorkeling, diving, stand up paddle, kayak, mangrove tour and we serve the best seafood & Balinese.
underwater scooter nusa ceninganBali Underwater Scooter
Bali Underwater Scooter were created to provide the scuba diving experience to virtually anyone-without any of the rigors required by the typical diving experience. No certification, no cumbersome attached gear and no experience required.
sea scooter by equator in nusa lembongan, underwater scooter nusa lembonganSea Scooter Lembongan by Equator
Experience for exploring beauty underwater life in Jungut Batu Nusa Lembongan by scooter that specially designed that make it possible for you to see a lot of fishes and beautiful coral reefs without swimming skills are required.

Nusa Penida Packages :

nusa penida tour, package tour to nusa penida, nusa penida adventureNusa Penida One Day Package
Nusa Penida is an island located on the southeast side of Bali, the existence of these islands are sparated by Badung strait.We provide tour package to explore Nusa Penida Island to visit the interesting places in Nusa Penida.
nusa penida snorkeling package, crystal bay, manta pointSnorkeling at Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida Island is famous with marine tourism, offering the best places for diving and snorkeling with various of marine life that is still natural such as various of fish, beautiful coral reefs and rare fish of Sun Fish (Mola-Moal) in Manta Point.
nusa penida diving package, crystal bay, manta pointDiving at Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida is located of the southern tip of Bali. Some of Bali's best diving is off the coast of Nusa Penida, including the legendary Manta Point.The trip travel to Nusa Penida from Sanur beach by speedboats, rather than the local "Jukung" outrigger boats which are used for in shore diving operations.
nusa penida package tour, 2 days 1 night package, nusa penida tour2 Days 1 Night at Nusa Penida
Tour package 2 days / 1 Night in Nusa Penida Island to visit interesting places and a lot of activity that you can do it in Nusa Penida such as diving, snorkeling, cycling, surfing, visit seaweed farm, etc. Get the unforgettable vacation experience in Nusa Penida Island.
nusa penida package tour, 3 days 2 nights package, nusa penida tour3 Days 2 Nights at Nusa Penida
Tour package 3 days / 2 Nights in Nusa Penida Island to visit interesting places and a lot of activity that you can do it in Nusa Penida such as diving, snorkeling, cycling, surfing, visit seaweed farm, etc. Get the unforgettable vacation experience in Nusa Penida Island.