Lembongan is almost totally free of cars so you can explore the island in safety on foot, or on a rented bicycle or motorbike.

The island lends itself to discovery at a leisurely pace with many beautiful natural features hidden away, just waiting for you to find and enjoy, and some excellent restaurants and bars located all over the island and some right on the waters edge. And everywhere there are beautiful views.

Underwater View

Diving Activities :
Lembongan is surrounded by a spectacularly colourful coral reef. You can snorkel from drifting charter boats or Scuba dive with one of the 3 PADI dive operators on the island.

The channel between Lembongan and Penida Islands is a renowned breeding ground for Giant Sunfish, or Mola Mola as they are sometimes called.Divers come from all over the world to witness this marvel of nature.

Dining Places :
Lembongan has a large range of bars and restaurants within walking distance, including 'cheap and cheerful' bistros a short stroll away, to a number of delightful barefoot beach bars and cafes in the village. Or you can experience silver service dining in the luxury resort at Mushroom Bay, just a short distance away.

Or you may choose to take a walk down the main street of the charming village of Jungut Batu, right at our front door and sample some of the outstanding Hindu cuisine.

Surfing :
Nusa Lembongan - Surf the 3 breaks namely, Playground, Lacerations, and Shipwreck. Boards are available for hire.

Snorkeling :
Go snorkeling to explore and discover the fascinating under water world at Lembongan Island and surrounding Ceningan and Penida Islands.

Scuba Diving :
Try scuba diving. Discover the fascinating coral reefs at 18 dive sites around the island.
Enjoy the beautiful underwater world of coral and fish.

Cycling tours :
Walking or cycling tours start from our resort to visit the local people in Jungut Batu and Lembongan villages.There is an interesting Goa Sigala-gala (Underground house) about 20 minutes walking from Lembongan Village. A unique attraction.

Massages :
Enjoy our massage service in private. You may completely relax in harmony with nature and the islands surroundings.

Other Activities : Canoeing,  Deep sea fishing, Island Tour, Jungle Trekking, Biking, Village Tours.

Place of Interest in Lembongan Island  :

  1. Walk the suspension bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan
  2. Dream Beach on the south coast is a wonderful hidden beach with a great bar or cafe
  3. Visit the Lembongan Village seaweed farms; the view across the estuary is spectacular.
  4. Snorkel at Crystal Bay, as the coral is a a must-see and largely untouched.
  5. Have a drink or dinner at the lovely Sunset Villas and Cafe, and watch the spectacular sunset abovethe crashing waves.
  6. Underground House at Lembongan village
  7. Mangrove forest in a dugout canoe
  8. The ‘Sensational Sunsets’ along Jungut Batu (Sunset) Beach.
  9. Puncak Sari temple the biggest one in the island of Lembongan in the hill to explore nice view main land of Bali
  10. Hire a scooter / motor bike (No license needed) and explore the island. Visit the Mangroves, Cross the yellow Suspension Bridge to Ceningan Island (Shades of Indiana Jones), Mushroom beach, Dream beach, Devil’s tear and many more.
  11. Visiting Nusa Ceningan Island [ details]
  12. Visiting the bigger island of Nusa Penida which takes about 5 minutes by small boat from Lembongan or Jungutbatu harbour.