Useful Information

There are some information which is helpful for those who would like to visit Lembongan Island and Ceningan Island :

  1. Various types of accommodations are on your choise in Lembongan Island. From very low budget,
    hostels, bungalows, guests house, hotel, private and luxury villas are available there.
  2. No ATM available on the island, limited credit card and money changing facilities available. Small
    hotels may not able to accept the payment with credit card yet.
  3. It is advisable that you bring enough cash either Rupiah, USD or AUD to the island, depend on how
    long you will be staying there and what you will do.
  4. An emergency doctor is available on request in Jungut Batu or Lembongan village. The charge is
    about 300,000 rupiah for a consultation. During the day, small nurse’s clinic in Jungut Batu also
    available to visit.
  5. Internet or WiFi access are available at most hotels. If you have to use the internet connection during
    your stay, please book the hotels which provide this services or go to the internet cafe.
  6. Mobile phones and networks are working normallly for some phone providers. The prepaid local SIM
    card can easily found on the island. The SIM card may be not working normally for mobile phone from
    some countries.
  7. People on the island mostly speak Balinese as their mother language and Indonesian the National
    language. Knowing few words or sentences will be helpful to communicate with them. They will be
    happy to assist you for : Direction where to go, places to get something, etc.
  8. The type of electricity is 220 volts, 50 cycles and a round, two-pronged slim plug. We suggest taking
    an adaptor for your appliance.
  9. Manners are very important for Balinese or Indonesian.
    Improper manners may cause you get ignorance or bad treatments from the locals.

Below are some tips in respecting the local customs and etiquette :

* Always use your right hand with the locals when pointing or asking something.
Use of the left hand or your leg are disrepectful and impolite for all area in Indonesia.
If you do accidently use your left hand or your leg, apologise.

* Never just walk around in just shorts or bikinis when there’s ceremony in The Temple or
sacred places.

* Never touch their heads with either hand as this is the most sacred part of the body to
them. Especially for those who you do not each other yet.

* Women are not allowed to enter temples during their menstruation

* Do not walk or raise your feet in front of people when they are praying

Below are some most applicable words you may need to remember :

* Thank you = Terima kasih (Indonesian) or Suksma (Balinese)
* You are welcome = Terima kasih kembali (Indonesian) or Rahajeng mewali (Balinese)
* How are you ? = Apa kabar ? (Indonesian) or Napi Orti ? or kenken kabare ? (Balinese)
* See you = Sampai Jumpa (Indonesian )
* How much is it ? = Berapa harganya ? (Indonesian) or Aji kude niki ? (Balinese)
* Excuse me, .. = Permisi,.. (Indonesian) or Nawegang,... (Balinese)
(This word is used when you would like to ask someone)
* Good morning = Selamat pagi (Indonesian)
* Good afternoon = Selamat siang (Indonesian)
* Good evening = Selamat malam (Indonesian)
(Balinese greetings : "Om Suastiastu").